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    Pedal Guerrero

    Custom order production begins when the stores close, and ships after designated production time
    Pedal Guerrero

    Welcome Pedal Guerrero!

    This store has been developed to simplify the ordering process and provides exclusive pricing.   

    Once the store offering window closes all order go to production. Production is 4-6 weeks. This store closes May 30th

    Please consider an alternative address if you won't be available to receive your shipment. Once the shipment departs our warehouse, you can manage your shipment by signing up for the Fed-Ex delivery app. 

    Pedal Guerrero Collection Notes:

    The Pedal Guerrero collection contains a wide assortment of products to allow members to choose their individual style and fit. Link to the size chart is below. These ranges are consistent throughout each collection, but garments fit differently based on their cut, construction. and fabrics. In general, questions arise on the cut of the jerseys, as short fit is consistent. However, the cut and fabric in jerseys provide different fit within the same size range. 

    The Squad One collection is performance delivered with a club fit. A club fit is a more generous cut, unrestrictive on the body. Look great, feel great, and achieve that personal milestone. Squad One delivers high performance with a cost-effective price.

    The Elements collection protects you from the harshest conditions without ever slowing you down. The best protection for hours in the saddle without extra weight or bulk. Weather protection products are designed to lay close to the body and are race cut. If you prefer a looser cut such as Squad One, it is recommended you size up on this garment. 

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our customer service staff at info@athlosports.com

    For easy reference see the Athlos size guide