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    Having a career in professional cycling not only takes incredible talent and a relentless commitment; it also takes the help and support of many others to get you over the finish line. Amber Pierce, one of cycling's fiercest competitors, recognizes the help and support she received in her career and recently launched #BeAGoodWheel.

     “I have followed a lot of wheels over my career and was lucky to learn from the best. I learned how to win, yes, but above all, I learned the importance and art of being a Good Wheel. I am grateful to all of the Good Wheels in my life”.

     Amber asks us all to reflect on the the Good Wheels in our lives and in the spirit of giving thanks, let’s show our gratitude for all the Good Wheels out there. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    * Post a thank-you to someone who has been a Good Wheel for you (be sure it’s public)

    * Tag them & use the hashtag #BeAGoodWheel

    * Every week until the new year, a selected post will win prizes—for both you and the Good Wheel you tagged!

     You can also thank a Good Wheel with an exclusive kit from Athlos. 15% of the proceeds going to support the Network for Advancing Athletes.