About us - Athlos

Where did it start?

For most of us a bike came into our lives as child. Whether it was going back and forth from school, racing to a friend’s house, or getting to that summer job; the bike was an integral part of daily life. As does for so many, life got busy for us with education, families, and day to day life. However, we were fortunate that as we pursued our professional careers, we joined one of the world’s premiere cycling brands. Serving as key executives, we helped the brand become one of the most iconic brands in cycling. During that time, we enjoyed great success, became great colleagues, and received prestigious accolades such as Time Magazine’s “Most Innovative” products for introducing one of the most revolutionary concepts in a cycling short.

Dave and Phillip Athlos booth

Working with such great brands as Cannondale, Mavic, GT, Schwinn, and Diamondback our years of experience have now culminated with the launch of Athlos.

ATHLOS (ἄθλος)


In ancient Greece, athletics were defined as deeds where the goal was the pursuit of perfection through physical accomplishments. These activities pushed and refined once Endurance, skill, energy, and virtue always in harmony with beauty and health.

It’s with the same core principles that we bring to life our athlos collection