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Fabric 1

Polyester / Spandex
High Power Compression fabric that wraps the thigh area in all athlos bib/shorts providing enhanced muscle support and faster recovery especially on longer rides. Polyester with high spandex content.

86% Polyester w/ 14% Spandex

Fabric 2

Nylon / Spandex
Engineered strictly for performance this nylon/ spandex fabric can be found in all our bib/short seats where durability and precision fit is paramount. Integral part of the Saddle Zone Interface.

81% Nylon w/ 19% Spandex

Fabric 3

Developed with locked in vapor channels through the use of multi denier gradient yarns providing superior moisture management especially in moderate to high temp ranges. Highly pick resistant.

100% Polyester

Fabric 4

Polyester / Spandex
High stretch aero jersey fabric is designed to provide form fitting comfort aerodynamically. This is done without compromising moisture management and ventilation.

77% Polyester w/ 23% Spandex

Fabric 5

Nylon / Spandex
Technical micro-denier mesh maintains an input and output balance of heat and moisture creating a comfort zone of body temperature and moisture management while offering a superior body conformity.

80% Nylon w/ 20% Spandex

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“The only time you should touch your shorts, is when you put them on”

Biomorphic Design

The core of Athlos design and technology...

Developed to work in harmony with naturally occuring shapes and movements, producing more fluid movement while enhancing performance and comfort.

biomorphic design locations
  1. Saddle Interface

    Built to assure maximum flexibility, durability and friction-less movement between material, saddle chamois, and the rider consistently in all our shorts.

  2. Compression Forma

    Built in compression in all our bib/shorts supports the muscles during intense rides while speeding recovery.

  3. Aera Boost Concept

    Allowance for our chamois to be light, flexible, quick drying, and highly breathable. These offer seamless movement and support while on the saddle for hours.